Visual Vocabulary



In this page, you are going to find visual vocabulary related to visual literacy..


  • Composition:  An arrangement of shaped in an image – their position, relationship to one another and to the image as a whole.
  • Foreground: The front of a picture, often at the bottom that appears to be closest to the viewer.
  • Middle Ground: The part of an image that lie between the foreground and the background.
  • Background: The part of the picture that looks like it’s farthest away from the viewer.



  • Red:
  • Orange: sun-flowers-instructions-Fall-energy-health-sunshine…
  • Yellow: children-happiness-sun-colorful-highliting-conspiracy-apple-brightness…
  • Green: health-therapy-relaxation-energetic-power-saving-recyclying-trees…
  • Blue: enthusiasm-sky-sea-colorful…
  • Purple: appearance-power-imagination-Barney-flowers
  • Black: death-sadness-funerals-strength-wealth…
  • White: ease-support-optimism-wedding-hospital-sheets-cat-dogs…





Rule of Thirds: Stems from the theory that the human eye naturally gravitates to intersection points that occur when an image is split into thirds.
Line: It leads you through an image.200605022117
Symmetry: Same on both sides.
Pattern: Repeating object.
Depth: It gives you the sense that you are in the scene.
Framing: It gives you the sense that you’re in the scene.
Viewpoint: Where you shoot from.
Birds’ Eye View: The viewer is looking DOWN on the subject.
Worm’s Eye View: Viewer is looking UP at the subject.


Typographic Termsapple_typographic_wallpaper-1920x1080-2

Typeface: Refers to the upper and lowercase letters and numbers of a specific design/ font. 
Characters: The individual letters, numbers and punctuation used when setting types.


(03/25/2015) MEMEfuckthat

Meme: an idea, behavior, o style spreads from person to person within a culture.
Digital Meme: idea, behavior, or style that spreads over the internet.

(04/01/2015) Multimodality

– Mode: A communication channel that a culture recognizes. Ex. text, image, video, hyperlinks..


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