ET 613


Linda Lohr – Sherri Lancton


Welcome to ET 613 Teaching in Online Environment.

Class Syllabus

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Class E-Book (E-Learning and the Science of Instruction):


Intro to Online Learning

Why Is this orientation important?

Welcome to the Orientation to Online Learning

Hello!  My name is Sherri Lancton and I am an Instructional Designer here at UNC.  My primary job is assisting faculty how to design and develop online courses.  Dr. Lohr has invited me to be a “guest lecturer” in your ET613 course to share my experiences and insights about online learning.
Looking forward to meeting you online and in person on Sept. 4.Sherri Lancton
Why is this part of ET613 important?

As a student in ET613 Teaching in the Online Environment, it is important that you:

  • understand some basic online learning terminology
  • experience online learning from a student perspective
  • become comfortable using Blackboard, UNC’s online learning platform.

The conventional wisdom is that you can’t be a good online teacher if you’ve never been an online student!  So, please take some time to experience this part of the course online!!

Getting Started You may (or may not) be aware that UNC recently updated Blackboard so that it has a more modern look and feel. All of the documents available on our Blackboard support site have been updated as well. However, a few movies still show the prior version.  For movies like this, it doesn’t matter – the basic functionality is still the same.Before proceeding with this section of the course, it is important for you to gain a “big picture” perspective of what an online course is all about.  The following demo provides an overview:Online Course DemoThe movie starts to play right away, so be prepared for immediate sound.You might also just take a look at other information available on this page “Keys to Online Learning” 
The links below constitute your “assignment” for class. Please review all the information and complete all the tasks.

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